About Description 1
Represent takes on the world, one issue at a time, through the exploration of opposing and varied perspectives.

This multi-format magazine is pitched at the secondary school level and caters to students’ various learning styles, developing their personal voice, increasing their cultural and social awareness, and honing the digital literacy skills essential for navigating the 21st century.

What Represent Offers

Represent equips students for the English ‘O’ Level Examination and beyond.

Each issue comes with an illustrated print primer to give students a broad overview of the topic, building their reading and comprehension skills, while the accompanying digital content complements textual learning, engaging them in audio and visual learning through interactive formats.
About Description 2

What's in Print

About Articles
Argumentative and expository articles provide easy-to-read context for relevant topics


About Comics
Illustrated stories highlight real-world matters


About Profiles
Fictional personal recounts based on important industry players


About Print Quiz
Questions activate students’ prior knowledge, rallying their attention for the articles ahead


What's on Digital

About Photo Essay
Explores topics using eye-catching photographs, perfect for visual learners

Photo Essay

About Slides
Presents both sides of the story to arrive at a landing point reconciling the varied perspectives

Slide Deck

About Podcast
Engages students by investigating intriguing
mysteries in audio format


About Digital
Tests students’ comprehension of material as well as their ability to identify, access, and retrieve information



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