Represent is your fun go-to magazine for getting students curious about world issues.
Through the exploration of opposing and varied perspectives, our magazine helps develop personal voice, builds cultural and social awareness and hones the digital literacy skills essential for navigating the 21st century.


Our illustrated pocket-sized primer is perfect for short attention spans. It provides a broad overview of each issue, introducing them through fun fighter characters arguing their side of the story.

Reading Quizzes
Reading Quizzes
Argumentative Articles
Argumentative Articles
Vocabulary Highlights
Vocabulary Highlights

Our digital features offer a deeper dive into the topics at hand, equipping students with the digital literacy and critical thinking skills they need to take on 21st-century challenges.

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Photo Essays
Profile Articles
Profile Articles
Quizzes and Tailored Learning Paths

Follow these simple steps to access your account from your Print Primer!

  1. Scan the QR code located on the centrefold page of your Print Primer.
  2. Log in.
  3. Pick a fight to view!

Simply click on the “Ticketing Counter” tab on the navigation bar to purchase individual editions of each Fight Club. Each edition comes with a Print Primer and access to exclusive digital Fight Club content, including comics, photo essays, and more!

Please email us at subscriptions@thinktank.com.sg to enquire.

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