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This is a pre-order subscription and the drop months are as stated in the slide images.


Explores the world with secondary school students through varied perspectives, taking on the world, one issue at a time. The 2024 Subscription Bundle includes 4 print issues and digital access to multi-format online resources.

Do refer to the slide images for the issue line-up and drop months.

Issue #1 | Media Issue [February]
Social Media vs Traditional Media
Where do you get your news, newspapers or TikTok? Explore the ins and outs of traditional media and social media, and consider the advantages of each.

Issue #2 | Environmental Issue [April]
Forest vs Factory
Examine the pros and cons of forestry, agriculture and industry, and understand why some advocate for more production despite our climate crisis.

Issue #3 | Sports Issue [July]
Talent/Ability vs Passion
Dive into the world of sports and explore the lessons we can learn from the abilities, effort and passion of athletes.

Issue #4 | Social Emotional Learning Issue [August]
Me vs The World
Ponder the difference between collectivistic and individualistic ways of working, playing and living, and decide which you prefer.

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